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Site News Archive

This page only shows large additions or improvements to the site.  For more up-to-date information on the site, go to the home page, which will show anything new. 

News: 06/07/2004
The Links Directory, after a long awaited arrival, is finally here.  Click here to view it.  Feel free to add your site.  "TestFlight" and Jet Comparison Pages are still under development.


News: 8/10/03
Well, a lot has been added to the site since the last post.  Among the additions are: TopSites List, Many new downloads, a new mailer program (to ensure delivery), and many other updates to specifications.  The site has also undergone a slight refurbishment to make the design more seamless.  Legal Documents (Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service) have been added.

The Jet Comparison Pages are still under development, and so is the game "TestFlight".  The Forum is growing quickly.


News: 7/1/03
The Site Map has been released.  Jet Comparison Pages are being developed, and the Forum is growing.

News: 3/23/03
Due to large amounts of traffic, we had to switch hosts to one that provides us with more bandwidth.  Everything is operational except the mailing list at this time, but that will be fixed shortly.  We are now hosted on 

Please keep in mind our Armed Forces.


News: 1/24/03
We have switched hosts.  We have more uptime now, and more capabilities.  We are now hosted on DreamHost. Chat room added to forum, but only for members over 600 posts!  F22 Designation pages to come, as well as a new game, "Test Flight".  New interactive features are being planned, so keep checking the site!    


News: 9-17-02
F22 has been "redesignated" as F/A-22--Appropriate notation added to site.  Forum growing. New game being developed.


News: 8-22-02
Added a new game, called Raptor Paint Shop.  Forum is growing.


News: 7-29-02
The new Forum is completely up and operational.  Registration is free (and non obtrusive, many fields are only if you want to fill them out on your profile).  It works in tangent with the polls now.  IM, PM, members, Profiles, Avatars, interaction, stats, ranks smilies, easy navigation and interface ... you name it, its here!!!  Wanna know what all that is?  Then CLICK HERE!!  The Forum is constantly being upgraded, but is almost always on-line (except for occasional maintenance) .  Images of the month have been updated for August.

thanks, dewman

News 7-20-02
Internal Polls are now up.  Mailing list is fully operational.  Sign up here.  Thanks.

News: 7/8/02
Enigma 2 - Return of the Fallen Shadows is up!!  It is a very fun game, and I believe that you will enjoy it!  

News: 6/26/02 FORUM is up!  Click here to view and post in it.  No registering or signing is required, however, if you contact us and request an account, the benefits will help!


News: 6/23/02
New guest book is operational!!!  Please, sign it.  Forum is STILL in development...  Internal forum, polls, and Enigma 2 are coming.



News: 6/22/02
   New Screen Saver has been produced and is available for download by clicking here!
   "Enigma 2- Return of the Fallen Shadows" is being developed currently. 
the Forum will come in due time, sorry for the delay.
News: 5-22-02
E N I G M A has been uploaded.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS PROJECT!!!!!  We think you'll like it:)  Its recommended that you have a fairly fast CPU in your computer.  Not sure, then try it out anyway! Forum still coming...  A new contact form has been added.  Click "contact us" on the main menues.

News: 5-16-02
New project for the site is underway- ENIGMA (not the German code machine), as it has been named, is under development!!!  More to come on the progress of the new project (currently in an incomplete beta version).  The Forum also is under way.  Homepage display problems when viewed on extremely high resolutions has been fixed also.  Expect some new features (above) VERY soon.


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